Oil Field Services company Steamtech relaunched as Badr Enhanced Oil Recovery 


Oil services company Steamtech & Co has relaunched itself under the new brand name Badr Enhanced Oil Recovery. The unveiling of the new name and logo was made on Monday (26th March) at  the OGWA Enhanced Oil Recovery conference currently being held at the Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre. The rebranding event was presided over by Hussam Ali Hassan Suleiman Alawati, an owner and board member, in the supportive presence of  customer representatives and partners from Petroleum Development  Oman Oman Oil, KOC & OPAL.

The re-birth  complements the new 100% Omani Ownership through the Badr Investment Group and the Company’s  vision to become the leading provider of Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) services in the Sultanate  and to successfully export  its proven Omani expertise across the Middle East and adjacent regions.                                                                                                                             

 “ Badr, meaning ‘fullmoon’ in Arabic, is symbolic of the bright future for the thriving Omani EOR Sector in  support of sustained oil production across the region and our aspirations to be a leading participant in this”  said Tom White the Chief Executive Officer (CEO)  of BadrEOR.

“ The announcement is aligned with our plan to expand our services beyond thermal mobile steam injection equipment, to include other EOR technologies such chemical injection and miscible gas solutions,” he added.


The relaunched Company is the region’s foremost provider of mobile thermal EOR equipment and temporary thermal early production equipment.  It was founded in the 1970s in Bakersfield California USA, where steam injection technology to enhance the recovery of heavy oil was first comercialised. In 2004 the company relocated its assets and headquarters to Muscat (Oman) to support the expansion of heavy oil production in the Middle East. All the major heavy oil fields in the region; OXY-Mukhaizna, PDO-Amal and KOC-Lower Fars were pioneered by them. (www.BadrEOR.com)


The Badr Investment Group LLC is a diversified group that provides high quality manufactured products and services to international standards in global markets. Established over 20 years ago,   the Group prides  itself on a a hard-earned international reputation achieved  through cutting-edge technology  and innovation supported by a high calibre workforce. (www.badrinvest.com)