Water Treatment

BadrEOR provides proven water technologies that aid industrial users

Our products and services are used to optimize total water and process system performance, safeguard customer assets from corrosion, fouling and scaling, and protect the environment through water and energy conservation.


Water Treatment Plants

We are specialised in water treatment plant sales and services, working closely with plant developers and owners to identify unique goals. 


Sewage Treatment Plants

We build, monitor and operate sewage treatment plants. 

Our techniques include using extended aeration batch process technology which includes capabilities for mixing, settling and return of activated sludge and solid removals. 

Produced Water Treatment 

There are a number of challenges that arise in produced water through enhanced oil recovery, namely Hydrocarbons (oil), heavy metals, dissovled solids, and sulphur reducing bacteria. That's why we provide produced water treatment services to solve these issues by implementing various technologies for oil separation and H2S removal.

Reverse Osmosis

We have a fleet of various capacity containerized water treatment RO plants available. Our RO services include operations and maintenance and filtration systems.

Evaporators for Produced Water 

Mechanical evaporators are used in produced water ponds to increase evaporation rates. The evaporators can increase evaporation rate up to  5 - 7 m3 / hr with produced water TDS value of 100,000 ppm, and oil content less than 5ppm. 

BadrEOR uses evaporator technology and machinery that is compact, reliable and efficient. The equipment is transportable to various sites as needed and is a useful alternative to wastewater treatments such as Reverse Osmosis, Dosing or Desalination. 


We also provide the following for each of our water treatment services: 

In-house service engineers

In-house stock

Immediate service through reliable and effective filtration and extraction processes

Procurement and installation of equipment

Design consultation services

Mobile and permanent solutions