EOR Processes

Enhanced oil recovery plays a pivotal role in oil extraction.

Without EOR processes, much of an oil field's yield is lost. Our EOR services enable oil producers to extract more of the difficult "heavy oil", thus extending the life of existing oil fields and creating possibilities for new wells that are otherwise too difficult or costly to extract from. 

While there is still plenty of oil left in the ground, most of the supplies that are easy to reach have already been developed, forcing the global petroleum industry to turn to oil deposits that are relatively hard to recover.  Heavy oil, which can be the consistency of molasses, or even denser, is costlier to bring to the surface than light oil.  They also typically contain more contaminants like metals and sulfur. Without steam or any other EOR methods, heavy oil can be very difficult to pry out of the earth because it is so thick it barely flows.  Heavy-oil fields without EOR sometimes yield as little as 5% of their oil with conventional pumping, compared with 35% or more in a light-oil deposit.

At BadrEOR we understand the nuances of oil extraction and approach every product with a unique, customisable strategy as per the client's needs. Our team of industry experts are trained to implement techniques and technology that will provide optimal results while remaining cost and time efficient.