Steam injection or steaming processes can be highly beneficial in simplifying the enhanced oil recovery process. At BadrEOR we provide the following services for steaming: 


- OTSG maintenance and repairs
- Heated Early Production Facilities 
We use Once Through Steam Generators and Heated Early Production Facilities to provide Steam Injection services, supplying equipment, operations and maintenance and installation. 


Once Through Steam Generators (OTSG)

OTSGs provide up to 90% effeciency for EOR services. We have extensive insight into managing control, instrumentation and electrical maintenance and repairs of OTSGs. 

Our range of services include: 

  • - OTSG refurbishment and equipment supply 
  • - Valve refurbishment 
  • - Motor rewinding


Heated Early Production Facilities

Heated Early Production Facilities speed up and simplify the oil extraction process, reducing the revenue generation cycle time for the oil company.

Our early production calibrated heated gauge tanks:

  • - enable evacuation of tested fluids from the well at elevated temperatures
  • - provide water content measuring