1.1.1     Experience and Track Record

Experience and Track Record

BadrEOR is the first company to start steaming in Oman, with Mukhaizneh as the first pilot operation.



Client / Contractor

Brief Scope of Work



Petrogas Rima (Current, 2 Year Contract)

1. Cyclic Stem Simulation – Supported by BadrEOR’s Water Treatment Plants



Petroleum Development of Oman

Thermal Oilfield Services:
1. Cyclic Stem Simulation – Supported by BadrEOR’s Water Treatment Plants
2. Water Treatment Plant – O&M
3. Cold Well Testing
4. Multiphase Meter Testing
5. Fluid shot level
6. Other Special Services e.g. Hot Water Injection




Thermal Oilfield Services:

1. Cyclic Steam Simulation – Supported by Steamtech Integrated Water Treatment Plants

2. Production Facilities – Supply and O&M

Petrogas Rima: Current, 2 Year Contract

BadrEOR has successfully started CSS activity for Petrogas Rima.  


  Petroleum Development of Oman CSS: 2011-2014

BadrEOR has steamed in Amal field. The steam generation spread included a water treatment plant, fuel storage system, and production facility.


The production facility consists of gauge tanks suited for high temperatures. The purpose of including the production facility is to facilitate the oil company in separating the fluid and acts as a buffer for the crude oil transfer, which happens through tankers.



Kuwait Steaming Work:  2011-2018


The steam generation spread is
designed to deliver 80% saturated steam at approximately 300 – 500 psig up to
1000 BBLD.  The spread is capable of
using natural gas or diesel for fuel.

The water treatment plant includes a Multimedia Filter, Reverse Osmosis Unit, water softener and polisher unit and pH control, which is designed to condition the boiler feed water. The softened water product is further chemically conditioned by injecting anti scaling and oxygen scavenger for corrosion purposes. The final product water is directed to product storage tanks for the steam generator.