Who We Are

Our oil industry goal at BadrEOR is to provide fit-for-purpose engineering combined with a safe, well managed solution for the “heavy oil” producer. BadrEOR uses proven technology that assists heavy oil producers in attaining the last technically extractable drop of oil from each reservoir, thereby extending the economic life of both newly discovered and mature heavy oil fields.


Our Story

Our story begins in 2004 in the heart of the Sultanate of Oman, when we entered the local industry through maintaining and operating renewed steam generators, reverse osmosis and water treatment plants, and well testing facilities in Mukhaizna for a local leading oil and gas company.

Since then, we have pioneered many of the major oil development in the Middle East, such as Amal and Lower Fars. Our regional presence extends to Kuwait and Egypt, where we provide services for key projects.

Our repertoire of services continues to grow as we take on more projects covering water treatment, well testing, reverse osmosis, and steam generator services in Oman and the wider region.


Our Headquarters

Our headquarters are located in the Sultanate capital, Muscat, where our senior management team work offering same time zone consulting and fast troubleshooting deployment.

Our team of engineers and operators are based in both Muscat and the Omani interior, immediately available to attend sites upon need.

We have direct access to oil fields across Oman from Muscat, via air or road transportation.

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