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Badr Enhanced Oil Recovery, initially established in the 1970s in Bakersfield, California, is a pioneering entity in the realm of mobile thermal Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) and temporary thermal early production equipment. Our journey began in the heart of where steam injection technology, a key method for enhancing heavy oil recovery, was first commercialized.

In 2004, recognizing the potential of heavy oil production in the Middle East, we strategically relocated our headquarters and operations to Muscat, Oman. This move enabled us to play a significant role in developing major heavy oil fields in the region, including OXY-Mukhaizna, PDO-Amal, and KOC-Lower Fars.

Marking a new chapter in our history, 2016 witnessed the transformation of our company under the new identity of Badr Enhanced Oil Recovery. This rebranding aligned with our transition to 100% Omani ownership under the leadership of the Badr Investment Group. Today, we are dedicated to reinforcing our position as a leading provider of enhanced oil recovery (EOR) services in the Sultanate of Oman.

We are dedicated to optimizing our operations and services in the region, ensuring that we continue to deliver unparalleled value in the heavy oil sector. Our commitment is to sustain our legacy of pioneering work in EOR, while continuously improving and adapting our technologies and methods to remain at the forefront of the industry.



To be the partner of choice in the energy sector for competitive and sustainable solutions.


Service Excellence, Innovation, Integrity and Safety.


With a commitment to safety and our people, we deliver innovative solutions in the energy sector to foster a sustainable and thriving future.

We are a one hundred percent Omani owned Company.

About Us

Badr EOR Produces Reliable, Efficient, Safe & Sustainable Products.

BadrEOR is proud to have served PDO Amal, Nimr and Yibal Khuff team using its qualified and experienced team that possesses the required experience, track record and personnel. Its multidisciplinary team of engineers and technicians cover major engineering disciplines, are fully qualified to operate, maintain and commission equipment related to water treatment and boilers.

We are hundred percent Omani owned Company.

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