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Our Expertise

Core Areas

We are the regional leader in Mobile Thermal EOR services, owning and operating a fleet of mobile thermal enhanced oil recovery equipment and
early production facilities. BadrEOR has pioneered many of the major oil development in the Middle East, such as Mukaizna, Amal and Lower Fars.
Our industry goal at BadrEOR is to provide fit-for-purpose engineering combined with a safe, well managed solution for our valued clients.

Thermal Production

Offer early production facilities
used in exploration activities.

Steam Generation

More than a decade
experience in steam injection, operation and maintenance of high pressure boilers.

Water Treatment & Supply

A core expertise of
BadrEOR. We offer various
contractual arrangements
for water delivery...

Crude Oil Storage
& Transport

100% omanized crew
responsible of transporting
heavy sour live fluid to the
closest reinjection point.

Manpower supply &
Project Management.

BadrEOR uses evaporator
technology and machinery that is
compact, reliable and efficient.

Operations &

We have extensive insight into
managing control, instrumentation
and electrical maintenance
and repairs.

Well Testing

BadrEOR own and operator
bespoke well testing equipment
tailored to the high temperature
and pressure witnessed.


BadrEOR have experience
and a track record in expediting
Client commissioning plan
through its experienced and
qualified technical team.

Studies & Reviews

Badr EOR represents QA /
QC inspection team and
management system
consultants in Oman.


We offer Industrial Solutions that are reliable, efficient, safe and sustainable.

We entered the business of supply, operation and maintenance of the
systems for the water treatment, Reverse Osmosis, Steam Generation and
Well Test Units in Oman in 2004, in the name of Steam Tech. Steam Tech
was acquired bt Badr EOR in 200???