We offer Industrial Solutions that are reliable, efficient, safe and sustainable.

We entered the business of supply, operation and maintenance of the
systems for the water treatment, Reverse Osmosis, Steam Generation and
Well Test Units in Oman in 2004, in the name of Steam Tech. Steam Tech
was acquired bt Badr EOR in 200???

Manpower Supply & Project Management

100% omanized crew responsible of transporting heavy sour live fluid to the closest reinjection point

Manpower Expertise: At BadrEOR, we provide specialized manpower supply services, offering skilled professionals who are trained to meet the diverse needs of the oil and gas industry.

Project Management Excellence: Our project management services are characterized by meticulous planning, efficient execution, and timely delivery. We leverage our industry experience to manage projects of all scales successfully.

Custom Solutions: We understand that each client has unique needs. Our manpower supply and project management services are therefore customized to align with specific project requirements.

Training and Development: We invest in the continuous training and development of our workforce to ensure they are equipped with the latest skills and knowledge in the industry.